Tuesday, August 18, 2009

cupcake pops!

so i've made them a number of times before, but this is the first time i've documented it: bakerella's cupcake pops! they're delicious and sweet and a little time consuming but so worth it, because people love them. i'm not going to recount the steps, as bakerella has fantastic instructions on her site (there's even a video!), and if you look through what she has you'll see some for nearly every occasion. anyway, here they are:

this is the ooey, gooey stage of the process: mixing the cake with the icing. your hands get full of cake, but it's also delicious to lick off. eric helped me with this stage, i think he found it weird.

so bakerella is real good about using cookie cutters and forms for the shapes, whereas i kind of roll ball/oval type shapes and hope for the best. then after they've hardened in the freezer dip the bottom half in the melted candy melts and then insert the stick, all on wax paper. also, it helps to dip the stick in the candy melts first, as not doing so can sometimes lead to poor adhesion.

i like to buy plain old white candy melts and then add in my own colors, i think it's a little more fun.

a finished product drying, out of focus and everything! woot!

the whole bunch. note: styrofoam blocks work perfectly for drying, because it's sturdy yet also very easy to make new holes.


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